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Why Choose Brighthill?

Brighthill is a close-knit community school where personalized attention is driven by the unique attributes of each family. We are brought together by academics, and are united by our unique family values. Everyone at Brighthill works together to promote cultural awareness, diversity, environmental awareness, support services and volunteer initiatives through our work with communities in need. As we look towards the future, we continue to provide a positive school climate that supports the well-being of the Brighthill community.

Ideal Location

Located in the heart of a thriving neighbourhood

A Community School

A close-knit community where personalized attention is given to each student

World-Class Currculum

An authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School since 2000

International Teachers

95% of teachers come from countries all around the world

Head of School, 

“M’KIS is well known for its strong sense of community. We achieve this by providing great learning experiences for our students, a myriad of after school activities, sporting and social events.”

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We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Average M’KIS IBDP Score
(2021 Global Average is 31.98)


M’KIS Pass Rate
(2021 Global Pass Rate is 85.6%)


3 M’KIS Students
achieved high scores of 43

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Discover our State-of-the-Art Facilities.

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Smiling Student Sitting At Desk
"Having graduated in 2007 from M'KIS, my best friends today are those who I met at the school all those years ago! Although it's not the biggest international school, we had such a tight-knit community and I found that to be a real benefit. Plus we had really great teachers & coaches! Having had the chance to visit the school earlier this year with a few other Alumni, we couldn't stop smiling walking through the breezeway as we remembered all those amazing times at M'KIS! Go Tigers!

- Hanisa N., Class of 2007

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