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Faces Against Window

A Diverse Learning Community

Mont’Kiara International School is much more than an educational institution. It is a close-knit community school where personalized attention is driven by the unique attributes of each family.

Supported by engaged and passionate parents, faculty, and staff, M’KIS nurtures diversity and celebrates the many cultures reflected within our school community.

Kids with Pumpkins

M’KIS hosts a number of events to bring our school community together and support a sense of belonging and connection. From student-led cultural celebrations like Chinese New Year, Malay New Year, Indian New Year and more, we continually search for ways to bring people together.

M’KIS also plays an important role within our larger neighborhood community. Both on and off campus, our students, staff, and families also work together to promote cultural awareness and diversity, improve sustainability and environmental awareness, and support service and volunteer initiatives through our work with communities in need.

Diverse Kindergarten

Although we are brought together by academics, we are held together by our unique values. As we look towards the future, we continue to deepen our commitment to a positive school climate that supports the well-being of all members of the M’KIS community. This focus on a world class education, paired with the strength of our school community, is what sets M’KIS apart.

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